9 Jewellery Styling Tips to Follow

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Jewellery is perhaps the most attractive thing on Earth loved by women of all ages. They simply seem to find it hard to look away from the other side as they pass through some jewellery showroom in the area. The very image of jewellery items on advertisements on TV, print media & the internet makes them drool & compel them to plan to go for the purchase. If you are passionate about jewellery & want to enhance your existing collection, then you should follow the given below tips to make the right selection. 

Tips to follow in choosing top quality jewellery items

If you plan to buy jewellery online, then you need to buy something that will complement your apparel, wardrobe, personality & style. 

  • When to stop: Experimenting & layering is fun. But you need to be aware of when to stop. In case you use layered necklaces to draw attention towards your neckline & face, then avoid wearing multiple bracelets & bangles. Again, if you wear statement & bold pair of earnings, then use a minimal necklace or avoid it. 
  • Create layers: Layering rings, bracelets & necklaces will be creative & fun-filled as well as trendy. You can layer a variety of length necklaces and use matching metals & patterns to attract onlookers. Using different textures, colours & shapes can be a great idea. 
  • Earrings: Wearing earrings, people are likely to look at your hairs & face. Hence, choose them to complement your skin tone, hair, face & outfit. Choose medium or small-sized stud earrings or danglers. For long thick hairs, choose long metal finish type. 
  • Face shape: Choose earrings opposite to your facial features. You can take someone’s help if you do not know how to select. 
  • Which one to focus – Jewellery or Dress: It is possible to transform a dull and simple outfit into something special by choosing appropriate jewellery items & accessories. Statement jewellery can brighten up even simple outfits. Wear a subtle jewellery set if wearing a bold outfit to highlight some parts. 
  • Define jewellery focal point: Wear a dress in a manner to make it highlighted and earn people’s attention, like your hands, ears, neck, etc. Choose subtle bracelets or earrings if wearing a bold necklace. Wear bracelet stacks & minimal earrings & pendant to make people look towards your wrists. 
  • Dress based on occasion: Some standard dressing form should be followed during occasions involving jewellery items. You can even wear something fancy and carry it with great elegance. Otherwise, just stick with basic jewellery items. 
  • Consider neckline to fit perfectly the necklace: Do take into consideration your outfit’s neckline and match your neckline. As a thumb rule, the necklace needs to be long enough to be above your outfit or shorter than the neckline. 
  • Ditch all rules: Simply avoid following set rules & carry out experiments based on gut choice. Dressing up for an occasion should be personal & fun-filled. You can choose jewellery items depending on your moods & preferences.

Following the above tips will help you to buy a necklace online & enhance your style & elegance.


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