Simple tips to attain a casual chic style look

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Simple tips to attain a casual chic style look 


Women love to play with their clothes. Feminine characters are very confusing and let me tell you why. Basically, we want stability in our lives, most of the time we hate changes but at the same time, we are very much experimental in terms of fashion. Attaining a casual chick style look gives you comfort throughout the day as well as it doesn’t create a hole in your pocket.

Casual chic style meaning is very simple, all you need to do is to go through your cupboard thoroughly and pick items of mixed elements. Like sporting a sari with a blazer, then paring your regular blue jeans with a hat and even leggings with a floral top. Casual chic outfits 2020 has witnessed print on the print style on a very high note and

Casual chic clothing is a mixture of formal outfits with a funky flavor of informal dresses. All you need to do is to choose wisely the correct combo from your closet. The base idea of casual chic style is to wear what makes you feel comfortable without getting slipped into the tag line of “appropriate cloth”.  There is no need for you to sacrifice your comfort wear like sweatpants or joggers anymore.

I am here as your casual chic style guide and I will share some simple tips to attain a chic style look with ease.


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Wear bright colors for our outerwear

One of the best ways to glam up your daily wear is to pair them up with some bright colorful outwear from your closet. Casual chic style meaning states true in scenarios like this only.

We all have white and black basics t-shirt in our cupboards. They might look boring but they are our most favorite comfort wear. Just sport some bight outerwear over it can be your glam casual chic style. You can go for bright blazers, embroidery denim jackets, or just a colorful scarf.



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Turn your nightwear into your daywear

If you love to wear lacy cool sleepwear and want you to convert it into your casual chic style look, then go ahead but just know the right way.

You can throw a suit over it and you are ready for your office.


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Get some funky accessories

Having some funky accessories in your drawer is essential. The reason is accessories will add color and edge to your regular garment.

Hooves and watches can efficiently rock your casual chic style.


Invest in different footwears

Sneakers are the town of the town now. Yes to change your outfit from dab to fab shoes can do magic. It’s always advisable to invest in different kinds of shoes to sport casual chic style with ease. Boots can also be the highlight for your regular dress.


Fill your cupboard with different kinds of jeans

Jeans can never go out of fashion. So invent various kinds of jeans to fill your gallery with your photos sporting casual chic style look. You can try flared jeans, cropped jeans, or even boyfriend jeans. Shifting from your regular denim with a black top can also highlight your look.


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Comfortable sportswear is compulsory

It’s time to show some sporty style ladies. Having the same color two-piece tracksuit is a must thing to sport casual chic style. Having a hoodie with similar track pants can also do well. This sporty style can never fail.


 A leather jacket can be a savior

How much basic your daily wear be a leather jacket can always be a savior to conquer casual chic style. You can pair a leather jacket with absolutely anything.

A leather jacket is one of the best casual chic clothing a girl can have.


Layering can be your game changer move

If you want to get a fab look without doing much effort just go for layering your garments. Choose some unique pieces of clothing of different colors and pair everything together. Yes, it is that’s simple.

Try pairing a spaghetti top with a shirt with a different color but of the same tone and ultimately throw a blazer with denim pants. This is one of the best casual chic style guides for you all.


Try monochrome

Getting a casual chic style can be very easy at times. All you have to do is to wear the same color from head to toe and instantly your fashion game got leveled up. Monochrome rocked casual chic outfits 2020 look book.

Break up your monochrome look with a different color handbag or a shoe.


Casual chic style meaning - House of Sutraa


Play with your sweatpants

Casual go hand in hand with sweatpants. Only because of athleisure we have a pant that we can wear both at home and at the workplace also.

One important tip to sport casual chic style is to have some playful sweatpants in your cupboard. Now for the styling part white sneaker and some crop top can also do for sporty style. If you want to glam up your look then go for a barrette and blazer.

For casual chic style, white basic with a denim jacket and white sneaker can do the job.


Before I end this blog I want to answer some of the most asked questions about casual chic clothing –


How can I look stylish but casual?

  • Wear scarves, belts over your casual top can add some colors to your daily wear. Sport various types of sneakers to look stylish but casual. Try spaghetti tops.

Is casual chic clothing costly?

  • Casual chic clothing is not at all Costly because it’s all about choosing mixed elements from your wardrobe and let the outcome do the talking. You don’t always need to purchase extravagant clothing items to sort casual chic clothing.


Remember casual chic style is all about prioritizing comfort wear at every place without feeling the garment inappropriate for that event. Ladies always remember to wear your confidence and smile as that’s the best attire.


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