5 Fashion mistakes women always make in 2021

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5 Fashion mistakes women always make in 2021           


Women love dressing up! The best part about being a woman is that we have so much to load our cupboard with. In the excitement of getting ready and looking good. We often make some obvious fashion mistakes. It’s important to learn how to avoid these fashion mistakes. Don’t worry I am here to guide you with some fashion hacks and tips.

So get ready to rectify your fashion mistakes and be a fashion queen. I will also enlighten you to avoid some of the mostly made tacky fashion mistakes.


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1. Wearing wrong size clothes


To the entire ladies out there one thing that all of you must consider that you shop the right size for yourself. Wearing the wrong size clothes according to your body shape and size is the basic fashion mistake to avoid. Ill-fitted garments will make you look dull and it won’t ever enhance your figure.

Wearing too much baggy or oversized dress will make you drown in them and at the same time wearing too many tight-fitted clothes will make you uncomfortable in your regular movement. Wear your clothes as you own them.


2. Wearing wrinkled clothes


Wearing wrinkled clothes is a common fashion mistake that we do in our day-to-day life. Mostly in a hurry, we don’t consider this mistake but it’s a huge one to make. Wearing wrinkled clothes can spoil your impression on the spot. At the same time, it can destroy your look even if you have put extra effort to do your makeup up and other accessories done right. Get some time to iron clothes always to avoid this tacky fashion mistake.


3. Wearing the Wrong Undergarment


Most of the women don’t pay attention to their undergarments because it stays hidden. Believe me, every type of dress deserves appropriate underwear with that. Revealing your undergarments too much or wearing the wrong undergarment is not sexy at all. If you are wearing a backless top it should be worn with pasties and for deep neckline dresses, you must go for plunge bras. For every dress, there is a bra guide which you must learn. Wear right undergarments to avoid VPLs (visible panty lines). This is also another common fashion mistake that every woman makes.


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4.Wearing too many Accessories


It’s very important to know the occasion and the environment and to dress up accordingly. Wearing too many accessories can spoil your look anytime. It dilutes your look and focuses on extravagant detail. I can consider it as one of the tacky fashion mistakes that women commit. Don’t forget simple is elegant. Most common winter fashion mistakes get committed when you overdo your simple blazer look or hoodie look with so many accessories. It defuses the elegancy


5. Pairing the wrong shoe


Another fashion mistake that every woman should learn to avoid is wearing the wrong shoe with their dresses. This is one of the major fashion mistakes of 2020 that I have noticed. During the whole pandemic situation, people were very much lethargic to pay attention to their shoes. It’s very important to choose the right pair of shoes for every dress and also to consider the event to style it with.


Winter fashion mistakes are a very common thing that every woman makes in the field of makeup. This is also one of the major fashion mistakes of 2020. During winter our lips become chapped and our skin needs more moisturizer. In this scenario, if you can’t apply the correct makeup with your type of skin then it can be a huge makeup malfunction anytime.


Fashion mistakes are a common thing that unknowingly every woman makes. As we all know for every problem there is a solution. So I have tried to inform you as much as possible about the basic fashion mistakes that women make. Know which one you make the most and try to rectify it and be a trendsetter anytime.




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