Indian Ethnic Wear: A Saree for Every Occasion

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Designer sarees have become popular, owing to its elegance and beauty. The saree is no longer a traditional Indian women’s attire but has crossed all borders and tried and worn by people of other ethnic backgrounds as well. If you love wearing a saree, you are bound to follow the latest trends and find newer ways to look stylish in a saree. We list below some of the greatest saree trends, which you can consider when you buy ethnic sarees online India.

Experiment with the Draping Style- we are bored of wearing a saree in the old style. Nowadays, you can drape a saree in several new ways and styles. These make for a great fashion statement—one of the latest trends in the double drape. You can also experiment with your own draping styles to create a new style statement of your own!

Choose a single colour saree- the colour of the saree is an important decision to make while choosing a sari. A trend that people follow these days is to choose a monochrome saree, meaning a saree, which has only one colour instead of a combination of colours. The most preferred monochrome colours that have been a rage for women recently are whites, blacks, royal blues, and greys.

Opt for new fabrics- the market is flooded with a variety of fabrics. The type of fabric that you choose for your saree greatly influences your overall look. Depending on the occasion and your preference, you can choose light or a piece of heavy fabric. Besides, you must be able to carry off a heavy fabric with ease. Another thing to keep in mind is if you have a great physique to carry on a particular fabric. Some fabrics that are heavy and stiff will look messy due to its weave and fabric, irrespective of the body weight. So if are you not too well versed with draping a sari, it is better to choose fabrics that are easier to drape.

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Choose thin borders- thick bright sari borders may catch the attention of many but do not make a long-lasting impression. Broad borders also make a person look bulky and short. Thin borders look dainty and make you look taller and slimmer.

We hope these latest trends in wearing a saree to look stylish and elegant will help you in doing designer sarees online shopping. You are sure going to outshine everyone else in the saree competition!


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