7 Stylish latest back neck designs for Kurtis in 2021

latest back neck designs for kurtis - House Of Sutraa

 7 Stylish latest back neck designs for Kurtis


Whenever we get suffocated from wearing regular formals to work or party outfits, traditional attire gives us a cherishing break. We all must agree to the fact that among all Kurti is our favorite traditional outfit. I love to showcase my bong flavor by styling different Kurtis and I must say it’s one of the most comfortable attire also. Here in this blog, I will share some of the latest back neck designs for Kurtis and very creative neck designs to enhance your Kurti look even more.

I am here to break the myth that one can’t look sexy and beautiful in a Kurti. If one knows how to pair up a Kurti it can give you a stylish look as well. This will guide you to choose your Kurti wisely. I will also let you know Kurti back neck designs 2020 so that you can make an assumption about the evolving style.



kurti neck designs 2020 - House Of Sutraa


Some of the Kurti Back Neck Designs 2020 are:

1.The printed patch

Having Kurtis with the different printed patches is the latest back neck designs for kurtis. In a solid Kurti of one-piece material, a different printed patch ads flavor to it thereby enhancing the look.

You can make a top knot with this Kurtis to highlight your very creative neck design and not take away its limelight by keeping your hair open. Wear leggings and carry a pouch of similar print or traditional handbags with the printed patch style Kurtis.


2.Boat Neck

Boat neck Kurtis efficiently topped the chart of Kurti neck designs 2020. Yes, they were ruling 2020 being a trendsetter. These types of Kurtis give a very classy and sophisticated look. I will suggest tying your hair in a high ponytail and not diverting the attention from your Kurti. Let this very creative neck design be the center of attention. Wear cropped pants with boat-neck Kurtis and go for heels.



very creative neck design - House Of Sutraa



3.Halter neck

The halter neck design is very popular in terms of blouses and dresses, but now they have kept their footsteps in traditional attires too. Talking of traditional attire we can’t miss out on Kurtis. Halter neck is one of the latest back neck designs for Kurtis.

Kurti back neck designs 2020 saw the rising trend of the halter neck. This styling is basically about backless Kurtis. The hook or bow is made around the neck keeping the back open. This look is perfect for a date night or a brunch with your friends.


4.Deep V cut

Deep V cut is known for its sheer elegance. These latest back neck designs for kurtis bring poise to the entire look. In this Kurti, there is a boat neck in the front and a deep V cutting in the back. This back neck style goes well with solid Kurtis and it enhances the back. Using different colors or patterns together can destroy the look.

It was got popular as the neck designs for kameez 2020. Short-length deep V neck Kurti paired with Patiala pants can make you ready for any occasion. Wear studs with this Kurtis and pair them with wedges and a clutch.


5.The bows

Adding bows on the neck is one of the latest back neck designs for kurtis. Undoubtedly bows are liked by all of us as it’s efficiently add glamour as well as simplicity to your look. Kurti neck designs 2020 was extremely welcoming towards the bows designs in Kurtis.

This back design goes well with frock-style Kurtis. Dress neck designs 2020 was full of the bow style. This look will be perfect for a day out with your friends or if you are enjoying your vacation. Pair flip-flops with this Kurtis; add a sling bag and you can try a hairband also.


neck designs for kameez 2020 - House Of Sutraa


6.The lace detail

Lace detailing is our all-time favorite trend. Now they have grabbed a place in the latest back neck designs for Kurtis list. It does not always need to use the lace in the front on in sleeves you can use it for your back neck designs also. Neck designs for kameez 2020 got to see the lace detail very much.

You can use buttons to highlight the lace in the back. Lace detailed Kurtis with some work of stones and buttons are perfect for festival wear. Use a dupatta if you are gearing up this look for some occasion and spice it up with a clutch.


7.The Waist Gap

Dress neck design 2020 primarily showed us the entry of the waist gap Kurtis as the latest back designs for Kurtis. They are very much trending and why not, these Kurtis gives more curve to your waist and modifies your body structure.

The waist gap Kurtis apparently creates a slimmer look. This Kurti look is generally inspired by western dresses where we used to find a cut in the waist. V-shaped cutting is made in the back neck and around the waist.  You can try this with minimal accessories and with asymmetrical pants.


Kurti Back Neck Designs 2020 - House Of Sutraa


Now let me answer some of the most asked questions about the latest back neck designs for Kurtis-

Which Kurti design is best for short girls?

  1. If your height is short go for sleeveless Kurtis as full sleeves Kurti will make you look even shorter. There are several other designs that are best suited for short girls like the front slit Kurti, A-line Kurtis is among the few.


Deep necks and elongated prints can also do magic.

Which fabric is best for Kurtis?

2. I mostly prefer cotton Kurtis for regular wear in this sultry heat. Otherwise chiffon, georgette is the best material for Kurtis to wear on any occasion.


Kurtis is our regular comfort wear. They are effortlessly chic and simple. Just garner some knowledge about the latest back neck design for Kurtis and chose which one will suit you the most.



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