How to wear oxidised jewellery with saree in 2021

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 How to wear oxidised jewellery with saree in 2021


Women love to wear Oxidised jewellery with saree and if you are a bong then a saree must be very close to your heart. This is a very new-age fashion statement. Oxidised jewellery is the talk of the town now. They are creating the shore effortlessly and why not, oxidised jewellery goes really well with almost everything. We have golden and silver oxidised jewellery as our options.

silver oxidised jewellery is not only limited to earrings or neckpieces, with so much evolution in the fashion industry they have a lot to offer. Starting from bangles to nose pin to rings to broach to anklet there is heaven for you. In today’s blog, I will teach you different ways to wear Oxidised jewellery with saree and also guide you to buy the Cheapest Oxidised jewellery online.


What kind of Cheapest Oxidised jewellery online to wear with different kinds of saree –


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1.Cotton Saree

Different kinds of cotton saree like Khadi, Sambalpuri, and Chikankari go really well with oxidized jewelry. It’s advised to wear trendy necklaces with this kind of saree. Oxidized jewelry with matching tassels is very much in trend.

If your saree is simple just go for some heavy layering oxidised jewellery. Keep the look very minimal and try to do a sleek bun at the back and wear a black bindi. If you want to do pleating then you can wear a broach to highlight your jewelry collection.

Nowadays wearing one single color solid saree is very trendy with a sleeveless blouse and long silver oxidised jewellery or neckpieces. Either wear a contrasting blouse or go for the same color that of the saree and to break the monotony wear statement neckpieces. Platform heels or juttis will eventually complete your look and as the base Oxidised jewellery with saree is there to make it perfect.


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3. Linen Saree

Linen saree is gaining popularity in recent times especially during this sultry hot weather as it’s very comfortable to wear a linen saree. Oxidised jewellery with saree can never go out of fashion. If you are wearing a linen saree then you can wear different types of neckpieces but I will suggest wearing German silver jewelry or some bohemian collection and a nose pin is a must.

During this hot summer if you are not comfortable wearing any necklaces then sport a heavy statement earring and tie your hair in a top knot and you are good to go. You can make your saree even more radiant by wearing full black Oxide Jewellery Set on Saree. This is the newest addition to the oxidized jewelry collection.


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3. Benarasi Saree

Benarasi saree is one of the most traditional saree of our culture. Whether you are a bride or not you can proudly sport a Benarasi saree if you know how to carry it.

Golden Oxidised jewellery with saree can bright up any festivities and if you are wearing a Benarasi sari then you will instantly become the glamour queen. Layering golden and silver oxidized jewelry together is very much in fashion. Comb your hair from the middle and make it a sleek ponytail or try loose braids. You can try this look with any other traditional silk saree also.


Oxide Jewellery Set on Saree - House Of Sutraa


4. Lahenga saree

Lahenga saree is the new age saree. For people who find it difficult to carry a saree but you love to wear a saree the lehenga saree is your best option. With a lehenga saree, you can show people that Oxidised jewellery with saree can be your forte too.

To look gorgeous in a lehenga saree wear two three statement silver neckpieces. You can also wear a silver tiara with some heavy bangles and anklets. You can even customize your oxidized jewelry by using stone that matches the color of your lehenga. Keep your hair open or you can do a mermaid braid or side braid with a lehenga saree. Wear stone bindi and carry a clutch with wedges to complete the look.


Oxidised jewellery shopping

I love to wear Oxidised jewellery with saree and to be very honest I have a huge collection of junk jewelry. Now I will tell you how to buy oxidised jewellery online. It’s always advisable to go through the reviews once before buying any product. From Google, only you can compare and shop the cheapest oxidized jewelry online.

You can surf oxidised jewellery online get to know about the latest designs and trends and can buy accordingly. There are many new websites selling oxidized jewelry set with saree at affordable prices along with the famous giant platforms. I do both online and window shopping for my pieces of jewelry.



How do you keep your jewelries oxidized for long?

  1. We don’t regularly wear Oxidised jewellery with saree so all the jewelry that is not in use then keep them in a cool place out of sunlight. Too much light can tarnish the color. Store them in boxes after placing cotton over them.


How can I keep silver oxidised jewellery clean?

2.Buy a soft cloth from any jewelry store to clean your oxidized jewelry as rubbing any hard material on it can damage the color. Clean the dust from the jewelry using that cloth and not with your fingernails. You can also purchase from a jewelry store and soak your silver collection in it for some time and then clean it with clear water. This much effort we all can take as Oxidised jewellery with saree is our favorite traditional looks.


Different kind of Oxidised jewellery with saree is what I love to wear. I am a huge saree lover and I love to do experiments with my saree and my babies i.e. the silver oxidised jewellery. I literally put good efforts to preserve them as regularly shopping can make a hole in my pocket.


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