5 Pairs of Shoes which you can’t live without in 2021

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5 Pairs of Shoes which you can’t live without in 2021


It’s always fun being a girl and the reason for it is that we have so much to wear! Not just we have a variety in the clothing section; we have a lot of fun playing with our shoes as well. Shoes are tempting and buying pairs of shoes can never be a waste of money.

People have different kinds of guilty pleasures for me checking out new pair of shoes is my kind of guilty pleasure. Believe it or not, till now I have got 20 pairs of shoes and planning to make it up to 50.  While surfing the internet in my free time I unleash my craving for an elegant pair of shoes. pairs of shoes are like a cherry on the cake for your outfit.

I believe a nice pair of shoes complements and enhances my whole look. I want to share with you the 5 pairs of shoes that I can’t live without and I will tell you why.


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Details Of New pair of shoes –


1. Sneakers

As an editor according me, sneakers are the one pair of shoes that is the most comfortable footwear for regular use. It doesn’t put your feet under discomfort and pain. A sneaker is effortlessly fashionable. Sporting a white sneaker with your regular denim or bodycon dresses can make you look chick just anytime without giving you shoe bites.

Sneakers can be your best travel buddy if you are an adventure junkie like me. I promise you your feet will thank you for choosing their favorite pairs of shoes.


2. Wedges

Recently I bought a pair of shoes in addition to my 20 pairs of shoes. Yes, you are guessing it right it a wedge this time. The pair of shoes looks bit edgy and classy, it’s brown in color.   Now let me tell you why my love for wedges is booming day by day. I love wearing heels and it gives me a sense of confidence to rock my outfits.

We all must agree that wearing a stiletto is really painful at times for our toes. If you don’t want to compromise with your look and still want to wear a pair of heels then the wedge is a savior. Wedges go well with western as well as traditional outfits.



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3. Boots

When I am in a mood to level up the style game I blindly choose my classy pair of boots. Boots are a must thing for my wardrobe. It has the capability to instantly highlight your look at the party and make you the center of attraction.

You can pair a boot with anything, I repeat with anything. Be it shorts or denim skirts or dresses or a simple pair of Jeans. Boots are that one pair of shoes that gives me the confidence to rock my look anytime.


Pumps are that one pair of shoes that can fashionably take you from your office to your date night effortlessly. This is the sole reason why I can’t live without pumps. Black pumps are something that is a must thing for every woman. In our busy schedule, we always don’t get time to return home and get ready for a date night or a party. The office is the only place where you can get and do your touch-up, but it’s absolutely impossible to carry an extra pair of shoes. Here pumps come for your rescue. Pumps suits well with your formal office look as well as with your date night’s LBD (Little Black Dress).


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5. Sandals

The pair of shoes look that I am a fan of is Sandals. Sandals let your feet breathe some fresh air this summer. My easy breezy summer look gets completed with a pair of flip-flops. Sandals are comfortable footwear yet trendy at the same time. You can pair them for your casual meet-up or shopping or friends’ day out. It goes well with your casual jean top, shots, floral dresses. Sandals also rock your gym look effortlessly. It goes really well with tights.


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Now some Pro tips for all the shoe lovers out there

  1. Wear the same socks while going shoe shopping that you will be wearing with the pairs of shoes
  2. If you are going window shopping it’s always advisable to buy your new pair of shoes in the afternoon as our feet get expanded a bit with traveling and it gets swell due to hot weather.
  3. It’s always suggested to walk around in shoes to determine how they feel.
  4. Rather than only going with the shoe size description, trust your own comfort level and check once.
  5. Always examine the soles before buying pairs of shoes. It’s important to know whether they are sturdy enough or not to provide protection for your feet from sturdy objects.

Shoes are like the cherry on the cake for the outfits. It enhances the whole look. Each pair of shoes has a different story to tell and has a different drama to create with every outfit. So choose your pair of shoes wisely.


Before ending I want to answer some of the most asked questions while buying a shoe –


1. Do I need a pair of the show?

  • Before hopping into another new pair of shoes, just ask yourself once that do you really need it or not. It’s never advisory to do impulsive shopping. If you have all the varieties in your wardrobe it’s never suggested to go for another one and waste your money.


2. Will I wear the shoes?

  •   Before getting tempted by looking at an advertisement for pairs of shoes, just get sure whether you will wear them in the future or not.   The shoe might look attractive in pictures but it might not suit your taste as well as your dresses.

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