Some Of The Unique Ways To Style Pearl Sets

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While fashion trends continue to be dominated by comfort, glam remains a dominant subject in modern fashion design. Think of fur coats, simple-line dresses, clear jewellery, feminine heels. Without a doubt, Beauty looks elegant and fancy. All that can improve a woman’s style is in the specifics, statement pieces, like jewellery. And there is no better jewellery than pearls that are so excellent at altering an ensemble and capturing the glam style’s true essence.

Pearl jewellery represents sophisticated chicness, femininity and elegance.  A pearl strand is the ideal piece of jewellery to go with your gown or an elegant jumpsuit. Pearl earrings add charm to the office’s white button-down t-shirt and black slacks. You might also go for a pearl bracelet paired with a blazer.

You can also purchase the pearl necklace online or from the stores. Pearls have legendary versatility when it comes to wardrobe complements. Be it a bracelet, a brooch, a pair of earrings or a necklace; pearl jewellery may enhance any outfit. Here are some of the ways as to how you can style it.

Minimalist and trendy

Pearls are the ideal jewel for the minimalists. White (or black) pearls are available in pendants, plain necklace, or stud earrings, and one piece can efficiently serve as your entire set of jewellery, giving your office look a gentle touch of shine, date nightwear, or adventurous travel outfit. Try mixing them with blocked-coloured outfits to allow the pearl’s natural sheen to pick up your clothes colours. In comparison, keep your clothes neutral and let the pearls serve to frame your face as a quiet statement piece.

Cute and functional

Pearls are the best friend of the working woman. Suppose you are wearing scrubs, a blazer, or a baby sling. In that case, the easy-going but elegant quality of pearl jewellery will keep you looking together even on those insane days when everything goes haywire. Pairing pearls with a sweater and leggings can make your casual wear look cute. A two, or three-strand pearl necklace is often ideal for most workplaces — keep the length short, less than 18 inches, you can wear every day for a more stylish look.

Glamorous and enjoyable

White is right, but did you know that pearls come in any rainbow colour and a multitude of shapes? In addition to the standard round shape, the pearls come in tear-drops, oval, circle, and baroque, or other unusual forms. If white pearls sound a little too Victorian for you, try to pair a colourful or black set of pearls with a jacket, black pants, and elevated look boots. Cover several strands in pearls in varying sizes and -colours for a dramatic increase in confidence.

Opulent and elegant

For a timeless style, pair a choker or long single or triple strand with a little black dress and a red lipstick. You can wear a full set of pearls — necklace, belt, earrings — with a full-length gown or cocktail dress to make the fancy restaurant look elegant. Place pearl pins in your hair for a perfect wedding look.

Getting the right size and colour of pearls are very important to suit your style. You can always get a pearl necklace set online easily.


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