The Ultimate Buying Guide for Fashion Jewellery

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Women and jewellery go hand in hand. Gold and diamond jewellery is not affordable to all. However, this is no reason why you cannot afford jewellery. The market is flooded with fashion jewellery that looks elegant, chic, and affordable. Several online stores sell fashion jewellery. Buying jewellery is tricky. You need to understand and follow certain tips while buying fashion jewellery online India. We list below five tips to help you choose good quality and authentic jewellery. 

Look for genuine stones and top-rated metals – At certain jewellery stores; you will notice that the cost of the jewellery is high. This is because they use authentic and best quality stones and metals like copper-silver, platinum, titanium, etc. They do not use low-quality metals like nickel, cadmium, lead as they affect human health adversely. Keep in mind that the stones must have a rich colour and brilliance and attractive shape, so check your metals and stones before you buy a particular brand of jewellery. Also, make sure the stone is certified. It should last long and can be worn with a variety of outfits. Look for a trusted source and a reputed and certified jewellery designer to avoid being duped with a fake gemstone.

Diamond – Diamond has been a woman’s best friend. The sparkling colours that a diamond reflects from its surface are simply mesmerizing. They offer a certain charm and magic to kids and adults alike. When you buy a diamond, look for that colour, sparkle, and the flaws, which are visible to the naked eye, as it may make your regret later. Its colour gets the first impression of the diamond. Also, look if it has good symmetry and excellent polish. Buy diamond jewellery that you can wear even for daily use. Just buying it to put it in the treasure box is no fun. Flaunt and enjoy the diamond jewellery that you buy. You can mix and match a diamond with an emerald or with different colours of gold to give it a brilliant look.

Opals – When you set your eyes on buying an opal, remember not to buy if there are dry cracks within it. Opals have high water content and thus cannot be stored in a dry region for a long period without wearing it. People like wearing opals because of their water content. Moreover, the skin’s natural oils protect the opal. Opals are extremely delicate. Therefore, make sure not to wear them while doing rigorous activities.

Pearls – Pearls make elegant jewellery wear for any occasion. It can give you the traditional, contemporary look as well as the modern feel. You can mix diamonds and pearls as they complement one another very well.

A general rule to keep in mind before doing fashion jewellery online shopping is to buy what you love and what appeals to you. This way your jewellery collection will have all your favourite jewellery, which you can wear comfortably on any occasion with a smile on your face.


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