Top Traditional Wedding Sarees That Are Most Desired by Indian Brides

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Indian weddings involve great pomp and fair. These weddings continue for several days, and each ceremonial function brings along with it the tough task for women as to what to wear. No woman would want to look even a bit lesser when it comes to celebrations and wedding functions. Family and friends, from near and far reunite to attend the wedding that is marked by beautiful decorations, sumptuous food and merry. Modern Indian brides prefer an ethnic saree that is classy, stylish and elegant for their big day. The traditional Indian sarees make for perfect bridal wear. Sarees come in different styles and cultural flairs, artistic finishes and ensemble themes. For you to know about the trending sarees that are most desired by modern Indian brides, we have shortlisted the top four. 

Panetar Sarees – Panetar sari had its beginnings from Gujarat. Its main feature is its heavy artwork and highlighted motifs done all over which makes it perfect for bridal wear. The border of the sari has embellished designs. Its striking features are the cut-dana work, stone and zardosi work and its rich patola weaves. This sari makes it a valuable addition to a bridal trousseau.

Kanjeevaram Sarees – This traditionally woven silk saree from South India is a great bridal wear. These saris have become popular amongst women due to its shine and durability. These saris can be brought online or from physical stores. The traditional designs found on these saris are temple borders, checks, stripes and flowery designs. The local artisans of Tamil Nadu weave these saris from pure mulberry silk. While the silk comes from South India, the zari belongs to Gujarat. The beautiful ornamental art in the saris is mesmerising. It makes for a great traditional wedding look.

Banarasi Sarees – Banarasi sarees are another great bridal sari because of its glitz and lustre. 

You can find the brocade pattern weave and other locally derived styles in these sarees. Banarasi saris, predominantly made in Banaras, are amongst one of the finest saris in India and are famous more due to its gold and silver zari brocade, fine silk and grand embroidery.

Mysore Silk Sarees – Mysore silk saree is expensive because the zari used in its embroidery has 65% pure silver, 0.65% gold and silk. Exclusive to the state of Karnataka, these saris are pure and supple and give you a smooth and luxurious look. It makes for a graceful and elegant bridal wear in your marriage. The intricate designs give you the shine and glamour, which is much needed for bridal wear.

We hope the above information on the top latest bridal saris will help you choose designer online saree for your big day. These traditional Indian saris are well known for their regional flair and culture. Nothing can make better bridal wear for an Indian bride than a nicely draped elegant sari. The wedding sarees online come in a variety of hues, fabrics and designs. Choose the one that best matches your sense of style and comfort.


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